September 28, 2013
"Crazy" Kanye. (Damn I didn’t want to write this much!)

So I came back home from work and of course did the regular of jumping on Facebook to check the feed. I saw more than a couple of posts about the whole Jimmy Kimmel / Kanye West twitter feud that took place yesterday. First off the bits that Kimmel did on Kanye were great. The milkshakes that were added in made it twice as funny. I’ve always loved both Kimmel and Kanye, and I still love Kanye West (“Yeezus” is a bad ass album but “Dark fantasy” is his masterpiece and will probably always remain that) even though at the same time I agree that the guy is obviously going through some stuff or he is just really pissed about something, or really narcissistic, or schizophrenic, or bi-polar, or is just faking it for media attention (but look into his eyes during the interview when he gets real intense, you can see all kinds of emotions in him, so if he is acting, this fucking guy deserves an Oscar) So… I don’t really know but the guy has got some crazy energy either way.

Well after I decided to not just rely on Jimmy Kimmel’s perception of the interview (or just his writers), which… of course he did still make a good point. It’s an hour interview so you got to check out the whole book. But come on Kanye, leather jogging pants?? Who gives a shit! Apparently he does. That’s one big thing that I learned from his BBC interview. It looks like he has been trying to get into the fashion industry and is pretty much getting rejected from the big names in it, in which he is definitely pissed about it. Wow! This guy is intense but I love it! (I’ll explain later) Now maybe they simply don’t like his ideas because they are not good, I really don’t know, I just want to listen to the music that he makes. It seemed like he kind of drew the race card on why he isn’t in the “fashion world” So he is obviously hung up on this fashion thing. He says it’s been his number one love since he was a kid and if that is what he wants to do, then of course go for it. Zane Lowe however just wants to talk about the new album but Kanye keeps on taking it to the fashion subject, which starts in the part two video but kind of ends mid way through the part three. It seems like he just wants to be accepted with the “high up” fashion people and it’s not working out for him. I guess his ego just got too inflated from all the fame and respect that he has received from music and the hip hop culture and I think that he just thought he could walk into a different artistic realm and get the same respect.

But Kanye, lol! (like he is ever going to actually read this) Why do you give a shit to be in some “cool fashion crowd.” i guess music is no longer artistically satisfying for you. If you are so passionate about it then take your ideas and develop it in a grassroots way. Why not, you are already got the name and can get the word out. You may not be able to get that corporate, big money backing like you get with your music but if you are if you are for real about your ideas then fork out your own dough. I know that you sold out of a plain white t-shirt that you “designed” lol! So you obviously got some pull! Or maybe that was just a statement. But none the less starting it by your self will involve your own money and maybe that is not what you want to do. From the interview it seems that your new “anti-corporate” stance has stemmed from the fact that you can’t get that money to back up your other non-musical ideas which is what you basically said in the interview when you said that you need “help” (money or in with the right crowd) in order to move your ideas forward. I hope that you have saved some finances from the shitload of albums that you have sold. Man up and fund it yourself. I would bet Detroit commercial real estate is dirt cheap and they desperately need jobs, maybe start there. Shit I don’t know, I just got sick of hearing you complain about you not getting your way in certain dreams that you have had. Also, why the fuck am I still writing this like I know you. Oh yea!! Because other than that your interview was great!! It at least drew me in even with all the left field comments and you complaining about dumb pointless shit that you look egotistical has hell like… not being accepted in the fashion world. However, I just love your intensity and the passion that you have when you talk about your dreams. Your obviously not afraid to look insane when you talk about your ideas, and I do love that about you. It is a trait that has become rare now a days with people in the limelight. I have not seen an interview with a artist or celebrity that had this level of intensity and thought provoking/entertaining quotes since…?? I don’t know. But in a world where people (especially our celebrities) are so predictable you are a breath of fresh air. (Okay time to stop this whole talking to Kanye thing)

Alright time to end this shit, the interview was simply amazing to me because for some of it you are on the bandwagon that Kanye is crazy has hell, but then he reels you back in with some very nice inspiring thoughts about how you need to just scrape, crawl, and do whatever it takes to accomplish your dream or to just get your vision out. Then he hits you back up with just some straight up “what the fuck is this guy saying” shit. But… at least those lines are entertaining and some are funny as hell, even in the “classic line” range. Then he touches on how are corporate world is ruining the artistic movement and flow within our society and some ways that it is taking place, but then he gets narcissistic again and says how he needs to be the one who leads this new artistic or whatever movement that he has in his head. But hold on I just remembered him complaining about the leaders in an artistic field that don’t accept him, but now you want to be a leader?? But then he is back to saying something inspiring. And shit!!!!! Do I like this guy or not!! I just need to stop there. However, in the interview Kanye did say quote, “this is what frustration sounds like” At least he is aware.

To finish up i just thought the whole interview was a great roller coaster. I do hope Kanye is wrong when he says that it will be pulled off the internet. Oh yea.. Lol!! He also may be kind of paranoid. Zane Lowe ended it perfectly when he says at the end “man this was the most fucking intense interview ever.”

Kanye West - BBC Interview

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